EPS is recyclable. EPS saves energy. EPS saves resources.



As a member of the EPS-Industry Alliance, Robin II is vested in the product stewardship that supports a circular economy, and they thrive on innovation to support ecological advantages. Versatile, reliable and available in a wide range of applications, EPS ensures safe transportation of the things we value and delivers maximum comfort and efficiency at home and work. The EPS industry is constantly working on new approaches to improving its protection, its recyclability and its insulation properties even more.

EPS recycling is well established and consistently maintains one of the highest recycling rates among all plastics. For more than 30 years local community programs, in conjunction with recycling initiatives from large companies that use EPS packaging, have proven that creative and collaborative solutions provide positive results. With regular, recycled-content or biodegradable feedstocks, EPS foam has low global warming potential, low embodied energy and has developed recycled-content resin formulations.

Robin II is committed to making the world a better place. We are an official EPS recycling center where EPS can be dropped at our facility to have it recycled and re-used!