Custom Molded EPS Protective Packaging for the Electronics IndustryRobin II, a custom molder and fabricator of expanded polystyrene, has an electronics customer who was experiencing problems with UPS/FEDEX: corrugated inner packing was totally ineffective in protecting the customers’ product against the rigors of UPS/FEDEX shipping and handling. So Robin II developed and produced functional custom end cap prototypes of inner packing that are designed to fit around the product using the existing carton. Custom prototypes were hand made from 1.25 density virgin EPS foam to overall part dimensions of 17.5″ x 8.5″ x 4″, featuring multiple depths and wall thicknesses. The EPS protective packaging prototype endcaps were then subjected to drop testing in accordance with ISTA drop test standards. Quickly passing the drop testing in addition to meeting stringent customer specifications, the project then proceeded to tooling and manufacturing. Robin II is highly skilled in just in time production strategies, as well as vendor-managed business model inventory to suit any customer’s individual requirements.

This is just one example where Robin II’s innovative design and engineering significantly reduced product damage due to shipping and handling. To learn more, contact Robin II today.

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Product Description

End Caps for inner packaging

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Molding
Overall Part Dimensions

17.5″ x 8.5″ x 4″

  • Multiple depths and wall thicknesses
Material Used

1.25 pcf Virgin EPS foam

In process testing/inspection performed

ISTA drop test standards

Industry for Use

Commercial, Farm and Residential

Delivery/Turnaround Time


  • JIT, and Vendor Managed inventory to suit customer’s requirements
Standards Met
  • Customer Specifications
  • Passed ISTA drop test requirements