Products and Capabilities

Look at our EPS specialty items, fabrications, displays, products, protective packaging, box-liners, and other products.

Industries Served

Robin II has served a variety of industries ranging from the Power industry to Food industry.

  • Custom Molded EPS Protective Packaging for the Electronics Industry


    Custom Molded EPS Insulation and Support for Air Exchangers

    When a manufacturer of HVAC equipment was suddenly confronted with the reality that they could no longer procure required parts from their current expanded polystyrene molder, they had a real dilemma.

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    Custom Fabricated EPS Protective Packaging for the Power Industry

    Robin II has several customers in the power industry where we help them protect their most valuable assets, their products!

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    Custom Fabricated Insulated Box for the Food Industry

    Designed and engineered to meet the demands of the refrigerated/frozen food industry and to combat the high costs of molding, these patent pending custom coolers have a unique interlocking system that makes the cooler perform the same as a molded cooler, but for a reduced cost.

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    Custom Molded EPS Protective Packaging for the Electronics Industry

    Robin II, a custom molder and fabricator of expanded polystyrene, has an electronics customer who was experiencing problems with UPS/FEDEX: corrugated inner packing was totally ineffective in protecting the customers’ product against the rigors of UPS/FEDEX shipping and handling.

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40 Years Experience in Custom Design

Robin II is a full-service EPS Molder and Fabricator with over 40 years experience in custom design and production of expanded polystyrene. We service the packaging needs of many markets including medical, home appliances, electronics, cookware, Point-of-Purchase displays and many others.

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